Thank you iMonitor! Our investment in your software saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars

Tecbiz Frisman Sdn Bhd

Location: Singapore

Employees: 100

Incorporated in 1998, Nordic Flow Control started out as a service agent. Through vision and determination, we have forged ahead to become a global manufacturer and system integration solutions provider for Marine, Oil and Gas control systems, with a sales and support network that spans Asia and Europe.

At our company, we have a pretty free-flowing office. So, we don't mind if you're sending personal texts during the day as long as you're getting your work done. However, our culture of loose ties and cords was slowly abused over a period of time where we began to think that it was really hurting productivity. The company computers were being hit with virus after virus and we were spending thousands of dollars a year on IT services that just didn't seem necessary.

So, we told the entire staff that we were going to install iMonitor EAM and we immediately noticed that the behavior we monitored was not that heavy. However, buried in some of the mess was searches for TV show and movie names and we realized that employees had just back on "personal" emails and messaging, but they were simply watching TV and movies on their computers in their downtime. This downloading of movies and television programs was what was bringing the myriad of viruses to our company computers. Little did they know we could see the movies, as well, with the iMonitor EAM software.

When we noticed the problem, we were able to address it quickly by simply asking the employees to stop before we began identifying people who were the biggest culprits and taking the IT expenses out of their paychecks. Almost overnight, the viruses disappeared and our IT contractor had a lot less to do in the office.

Basically, everyone fell in line when we told them we had downloaded the software. Not only did it save our company a ton of money, but it allowed us to move more quickly on projects now that the computers weren't constantly coming down with viruses and costing us extra money.

Thank you iMonitorSoft! Our investment in your software saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars and we couldn't be more thankful for your help in increasing productivity!